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Award Yourself With A Gift That Will Present You With Exclusive Style, Fit, Comfort & Confidence!

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Custom Apparel and Custom Accessories

Thank you for your interest in DIQUINI!  DIQUINI is a design house that designs custom made apparel and accessories.  Our Mission:
 To deliver quality custom made clothing & accessories that align with our aesthetic, designed with each individual client in mind in order to adorn her with style, fit, comfort, & confidence!
To professionally build & to maintain the trust & communication needed in order to provide exceptional quality of service, where every client is a VIP!
To inspire & to motivate our clients not only to look powerful and successful but to FEEL powerful and successful!  

Our Style Trunk Show Open House, which is held in the privacy of your own home, gives you & your guests a fabulous opportunity to view our designs 3D...& more!

Private Sewing Lessons

Our passion also includes adding more value to the lives of others by teaching our craft through our Private Sewing Lessons.  Our Mission:
To assist & to equip our clients to build & to execute their innovative minds!
 To support them in their creative endeavors, no matter how big or small!
To give our clients the confidence & the satisfaction to know that they can learn a skill to not only to express themselves, but a skill that can also bring them profits!

Please visit our "What We Do" page to learn more about our services.  Thank you again for your interest in DIQUINI, we look forward to providing you with a superior experience in fulfilling your personal desires in regards to your heart and wardrobe!

Diquini Models: Sasha Gillis, DaRay Culver,  Kai Taylor and Jasmine Tillman.